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question about natural hair


Below is a question that a previous person asked.

I too have short relaxed hair and my texture is very thick and coarse.

What is another option besides the Khamit Kinks/starter locks?

I do not want to get locks yet because of the permanence of the style..

I want to be able to comb my natural hair and explore various styles first. Suggestions? 



Hello and thank you for the opportunity to ask questions for those of us who are still lost. I currently have a short, relaxed hair cut but have decided to go natural. My natural hair is extremely coarse so the back is already looking a bit unkempt. In addition, transitioning with braids is not a viable option for me as the front edges have broken off with braids/micros/kinky twists in the past. What is my best option for making a smooth transition without looking unprofessional in the process??

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Hello Corinne,

Thank you for your question. Locking is not the only option when your hair is short. There are numerous options and you may not see it that way yet but the fact that your hair is thick and course is a blessing. Here is just one style for a short natural that is very easy to create and manage. All you need are some fresh napps, the Going Natural Herbal Gel and Silky Shea butter and a small towel. Here are the steps to create this style:

1) Add ample Going Natural Styling Gel and a bit of Silky Shea to damp hair.
2) Make sure the towel is wet then start rubbing it on your hair in one direction: counter clock wise. Start in the back, move to the front then to the back again making a circular movements. Again do this in one direction, counter clock wise and you will see beautiful coils appear after a minute or two.

You don’t need anything else. You are ready to go. Your hair will air dry and if you sleep with a scarf on you can keep the style for one to two weeks. Here is another example of a beautiful short natural created by Tameeka Bachuss. For more short natural hairstyles check our Hairstyle of the Day section.

Good luck & stay beautiful!



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