My hair won’t grow!

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Hi Mireille,

I have been natural for 3 years and I wash my hair twice a week and braid it but my hair won’t grow. I’m not even sure of what products to use on my hair. Its nappy, dry, and short. Help!

going natural no more knots detanglerHi Angie,

I noticed you comb with a fine toothed combed. I highly recommend that you stop!

Combs can damage tightly coiled hair, causing splits and tears that lead to breakage. If you can, have a stylist review your hair and determine if a good trim is in order. Then, begin using your fingers as a  tool. After a few of this gentle treatment, reintroduce your hair to a gentle wide toothed comb or Denman brush; then,months tightly coiled hair, causing splits and tears that lead to breakage. If you can, have a stylist review your never comb or brush the hair dry. Always add moisture via your preferred conditioner/moisturizer or water before sectioning and combing!

I recommend the No More Knots Detangler or the Silky Shea Hair Butter. Both are leave in conditioners that make it easy to comb your hair and keep it moisturized.

Also empower your self with books that will teach you healthy ingredients and bad ingredients as well as gentle hair care. Going Natural products are an excellent place to start with ingredients that you can trust. a product that you shared that you use on your hair and is known have SLES/SLS in it. This ingredient is not only linked to ocular cancer activity, but it is drying to the hair.

The Knotty Truth DIY Haircare book and Going Natural book are also great resources to begin learning the basics of natural hair care. The natural journey is 90% mental and 10% physically learning what to do. It sounds like you have the mental covered pretty well! Applying the 10% should put you well on your way to a healthy, full head of hair!

Answered by Michelle George, Certified Natural Hair Coach


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