Hair growth results after using the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray

Before and After using the Tineke's Healthy Hair Growth Spray

A couple of weeks ago my loctitian Adenike from the Woven.NYC called to order more bottles of the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray. Before ordering she wanted to share this story with me of a happy client who came in for a retightening.

 Simply said retightening is connecting the new growth to the rest of the loc. It is comparable to a touchup when one perms or colors because after a while the roots are noticibly different from the rest of the hair. Just like those services, a retightening is usually done every two to three months depending on how fast one’s hair grows. This time, there was something different about her.

The client who had been with Adenike for years had been suffering from hair loss. Adenike who is also a Reiki Master and Raw Food Chef always recommends eating healthy and making sure your body has enough iron. She is notorious for recommending healthy stuff that is probably very good for your body but not necessarily tasty. I am still grateful for the Sarsaparilla tea that she once recommended though. Love it! It’s full of iron and it tastes good. Anyway, this is just to say that besides looking at your scalp, Adenike usually does more than that.

So, I don’t know what else she advised her client to use but one thing she said is that she recommended the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray. Luckily the customer followed her advice and bought it. That is also the reason she walked in happy that day.

Even before she took a seat and Adenike could have a look at her hair, she said “Look! Look!” and she showed the loctitian why she was so happy. Her hair came back! These are not baby hairs, you know said Adenike, after taking a closer look. Her hair is really coming back! She took photos as proof.

If you suffer from hair loss or hair breakage or you know someone who does, you can order it at, the Marketplace for Black hair products and more.


Tinekes hair growth Spray before after
Tinekes hair growth Spray before afterTinekes hair growth Spray before after

Adenike is located in Bedstuy Brooklyn. Her phone number is 347-251-1212. You can see and read more about Adenike at



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