Shakilla the Master Loc Sculptor finally claimed her spot

Locs sculpted by Shakilla

Shakilla is one of those naturally talented hairstylists who really didn’t need to be thought how to braid, loc or style natural hair. Her long dreadlocks elegantly braided and intriguely styled on top of her head made an impression on me when I first saw her back in 2005 at the annual African Arts Festival in Brooklyn.

Dreadlocks styled in a Flower
Dreadlocks Flower Style – Click to see more Natural Hairstyles by Shakilla

Knowing that her style was beautiful and unique she didn’t exactly stop to allow me to take her photo but just strolled along with her head high as if to say, I know I am fabulous, get in line if you want to take my picture.
Luckily, I got a good shot because after that first photo she remembered me years later and even posed for me whenever I wanted to capture another one of her amazing hairstyles.

Shakilla also started to open up to me sharing info about how long her hair really was, that she had always styled her own locs and how she maintained her dreads. The knee-length loced lady then told me that she was a jewelry designer but that she decided to get her beauty license so she could do hair professionally because people where always raving about her styles. Even or maybe especially natural hairstylists who knew what it takes, praised her creativity. The natural talent proofed to be a woman of her word because she got her license not too long after.
I don’t know her graduation date but after years of creating her own head-turning styles she was finally ready to come out and claim her spot in the world of natural hairstylists.

Looking back now that first image probably created a connection we were unaware of at the time because this year Shakilla was more than happy to participate and do the 10th anniversary Going Natural Hair Show.
For BAD Hair Uprooted the St Thomas native styled three women with over the shoulder long locs; Sophiar Redd, Sherese Francis and Chrisandra. Individually their loced updos turned heads left and right at the Afro Punk Fest but when the tree of them posed together photographers and videographers got in line to ask questions and capture the artfully loced sculptures.

By styling these women Shakilla set in stone her very own signature style as a master loc sculptor but there is more. The tall slender built hairstylist told me that she also loves to work with loose natural hair. In fact she cut her own locs and thinks about taking them out so she can also show her skills on natural hair.
Sopiar who got her hair done by Shakilla for the first time said about her experience: Shakilla is a wonderful, energetic, professional hair sculptor who puts the most care and dedication in bringing out your best natural you. Thank u 2 the going natural team 4 this fabulous experience.

Click to see more Natural Hairstyles by Shakilla. Shakilla is located in Brooklyn. To make an appointment: call 917 573 9937.

Shakillia's DreadlocksThe frist Image I captured from Shakilla from the exhibit BAd Hair at its Best


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