Natural Hairstyles by Adenike

Natural Hairstyle by the Woven Wool Hair & Body Experience
Natural Hairstyle by the Woven Wool Hair & Body Experience
Natural Hairstyle by the Woven Wool Hair & Body Experience

This wonderful style was created by Adenike aka 
he Natural Hair Whisperer from the 
Woven Wool Hair & Body Experience. No extensions are added at all.

Adenike stylishly flat twisted the model’s hair in the front with a wonderful the back , twisted the rest of the hair and created this marvelous updo. 

Adenike is a Master Barber/Stylist, Natural & Damage Hair Specialist and Certified Sister Lock Consultant.

She is also the founder, owner and operator of The Woven Wool Hair & Body Experience where she doesn’t only create the most fabulous hairstyles, she also teaches anyone who sits in her chair about their hair.

As a Raw Food Chef & Reiki Practitioner, Adenike can’t help but use these disciplines to create a step-by-step holistic hair care regimen for her clients that encompasses mind, spirit & body. 

Adenike has been doing hair for over 30 years. In her own words:

The difference between manageable and unmanageable hair is the lack of knowledge on how to properly care for and maintain it. According to Adenike, one needs to understand that hair really is an extension of your skin and body. In order to take care of your hair you must begin from within. Thus her motto is “Hair Care From The Inside Out.” is extremely proud that Adenike is so fond of the Going Natural Hair Care line that she has become an official representative and uses the complete product line on all of her clients.

So the Going-Natural products are also available in here shop at:

In Sabine’s Hallway Natural Hair Salon
1260 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Phone: 347-251-1212

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Photo by Solwazi Afi Olusola 
Makeup by Brianna Turner 
Accessories by Noble Damon
Clothes by 
Calabar Imports 

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