Tips to spot and cope with Alopecia

America's Next Natural Model Chassity

No, your eyes are not deceiving you I have alopecia. I’m America’s Next Natural Model, also known as Chassity Bynum Winner of ANNM 2012. I was recently diagnosed with alopecia after my wonderful stylist suggested I go and see a dermatologist about a thinning area in the crown of my head…..I know, I know…..gasp!

annm-chassity-short-hair2Scalp Conditioning SprayChassity Bynum Winner of ANNM 2012

The results were in and yes it was/is alopecia *drops mic and stares into space*, then remembers I survived a heart attack so surely a thinning spot, very thin was not going to break my stride! So below are tips on what to look for and how to cope in a world that focuses on the package instead of the gift.

You May have alopecia if…..
1. You frequently find pimples in your scalp similar to the painful ones that can be found on the face but possibly more painful (the good thing is no one can see them but they hurt like the dickens.

2. You notice an area of hair that feels or looks thinner than it was before (probably not your imagination boo).

3. Your scalp itches profusely at certain times.

4. Your stylist notices that your hair is drier than normal along with other changes and refers you to a dermatologist (do yourself a favor and schedule the appointment).

Ways to live with Alopecia

1. Realize that your hair doesn’t make you and that it will not break you.

2. School yourself on essential oils like lavender and medications like topical creams or cortisone shots that can help you manage your symptoms.

3. Wear a style that accentuates your face without highlighting thinning or bald spots.

4. Maintain a healthy scalp by regular washes and treatments to keep hair well moisturized.

5. Journal your feelings about having alopecia as well as any changes be it positive or negative that may evolve.

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