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Projects for Change

Started with, the publication of Going Natural; How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair, and, my ultimate goal is to help change the perception of natural hair. Changing society’s perception of Natural Hair to a more realistic one will not only lead to healthier Black women’s scalps, it will also give us the fundamental human right to wear our god-given tresses natural.

natural hair projects for change

Projects for Change
To realize the goal of changing the perception of natural hair, a little more was needed then my books and the websites. Inspired by natural heads all over the world, I came up with these projects for change. I welcome you to join any project you see fit and comment, like and share anything you appreciate.

America’s Next Natural Model: To promote the beauty of natural hair, I started America’s Next Natural Model, the first natural pageant online in 2008. You can join as a model, a sponsor or a supporter.

BAD Hair Uprooted
To literally paint a different picture of African hair, I created BAD Hair Uprooted, a real life exhibition featuring beautiful portraits of natural hair, shot for justice aiming to change perceptions one headshot at the time. You can support by coming to an exhibition, buying the book BAD Hair Uprooted, the Untold Story of Black Follicles or commenting, liking and sharing any photo, article or event that you like on our website. #blackfollicles #badhairuprooted

Going Natural Video Diaries
Going Natural Video Diaries is an ongoing online documentary that pictures the growing natural hair movement in motion. This way we can watch and learn from wach other while the movement is growing. You can support by sending us your hair story.

The Going Natural Hair Care Line offers Black women therapeutic products revolutionarily designed with a love and understanding of African follicles, available online and in stores around Brooklyn. You can support by ordering from our shop, liking, commenting and sharing the products you like., a marketplace with the best of what Black hair care businesses throughout the Diaspora have to offer to customers all over the world is in the works. 

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