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Braidloc MoHawk


Greetings! Let me start by apologizing for the glitch that happened just after the last newsletter was sent. I am glad to tell you that we’ve overcome the last bump and that the site will be steady for a long time to come. Now please allow me to reminisce before I get to my wish and wish you happy holidays.

Braidloc MoHawk
Braidloc Mohawk by Sheny Nefer 

How it all started

For those of you who have never met me in person, my name is Mireille Liong. I am a Social Entrepreneur with a Master Degree in IT, author, and founder of the website.

I self-published Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair and created with the goal to change the perception of Natural Hair after learning that 73% of African American women suffer from hair break and scalp issues due to the use of relaxers.

Projects we did together
Never losing sight of my mission, you inspired me to continue with the documentary The Going Natural Video Diaries, the pageant America’s Next Natural Model, the exhibition BAD Hair Uprooted and finally you inspired me to create the Going Natural Hair Care line.

There have definitely been bumps in the road but overall it has been a great journey because most of you kept visiting and thankfully the community keeps growing. I know I couldn’t have done it without your visits, comments and suggestions.

For this I am super grateful but I need to ask for your support again.

Inspired by your requests once again and entrepreneurial Black women who want to offer their goods in the Going-Natural shop, my goal is to expand the store into a Social Cyber Shopping Mall where Black People can shop to their hearts content and Black Entrepreneurs can thrive:!

An online Buy Black Mall that promotes, features and offers not just the best Black hair products but the best of products from the Diaspora.

My wish and why I need your help

Everything noted here was built using my own savings and by being smart but even for a woman in tech it’s hard to keep up with innovations on a limited budget. That is why I need your help.

Now to build the mall I need $30.000. 2/3rd will be used to buy the software, implement and maintain the site and 1/3rd will be used for social media promotion.

My wish is that you see the need for BlackFollicles, love the idea and that you support it any way you can. Needless to say, your help is crucially important to make it happen.

So to inspire you to help build, I put together a site full of incentives. Please check them out, choose your gift, donate and tell the world about BlackFollilces.

Every donation of just $5 will help us get there!

If you are a shopper click to check out perks for shoppers.

If you are a entrepreneur click to check out perks for entrepreneurs.

Other ways to help: Let’s go viral

Of course donating is the best way to help build but if you also have an extra minute I would tremendously appreciate it if you like to help us go viral. Here is how:

Spread the word!

  • Tell everyone about , in person is great but also use the social media buttons to share it on your twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest or other favorite channel.
  • Send the press release to your local newspaper, favorite news outlet or blog. Here is the link to Black Follicles Press Release.
  • Check out the , leave a comment and share it with friends, family and on your social media accounts.
  • Tell every beauty who can seriously rock a natural and likes to share photos about the $5 gift: Be the face of Going Natural 2016!
  • Share the Buy Black Business directory with your friends, family and on social media to let them know where to shop.
  • Tell every business owner about the options to register for free, open up a store or get a feature: Perks for Vendors.

A huge THANK YOU in advance. I look forward to your donations and support. As my gratitude is proportional to your goodness, I hope that whatever you donate will be tripled back to you! May all your wishes come true this holiday season and in 2016.

Happy Holidays! 


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