My Experience with Curl Formers

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I actually used all 40 of the curlformers but started to take them down and remembered that I needed pictures.

Overall my experience with curl formers was a good one. Here are some of the things I learned:

  • If you do not like to use heat on your hair, you’ll want to wash your hair a couple of days before using them so that you can stretch your hair by braid outs or twist outs. I washed my hair the same night that I went to put the curlformers in, I used the blow drier some what to dry and stretch my hair. I think the braid out would have done a much better job.
  • Be sure that the section of hair you are using is not too wide for the hook you use to pull the hair through the curlformer or else it will pull on you hair and snag as you try to pull it through. Also if the ends of your hair are to bushy they will not pull nicely through the curlformer, but get stuck  with the hook down the middle of the curlformer and your ends sticking out the top, leads to pulling on the scalp.
  • They suck to sleep on 🙁
  • At first they can look kind of intimidating but are actually not that bad to put in.right after taking the curlformers out
  • As you can see in the picture my hair is kind of poofy but there is some spiral curl definition. I believe the definition would have been more pronounced if I had not washed my hair the day I put the curlformers in.
  • I thought the curlformer was a really good alternative to using a curling iron. The curls were kind of fun.
  • The day I wore my hair out it was hot and kind of humid, so my hair  GREW quite a lot I used bobby pins to shape and style my hair.
  • I received many compliments on my hair texture and style. I will definitely use curlformers again!
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