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Big Chop Near Me

I’m an 8-month post chop ‘seasoned’ curly girl. I’m really enjoying my 4b/4c natural hair. It’s growing out nicely, and I’ve significantly narrowed down the product I use, so I’m much less of a p.j. (product junkie). Yeaaa!

I’m getting a kick out of  some who look at my hair, and I forget that they’re looking at it out of either curisiosity or insult; sometimes I forget they’re actually looking at my hair at all:)  Even when I get those looks of “gurl go perm that hair” from men or women, it makes me smile. I had to get used to it, so I would just smile, no matter how the stares and glares made me feel.  Over time, it got easier, and now I feel a real sense of pride that puts me on another level to float above any stares, glares or insults; a sense of pride that lets me know that there’s nothing wrong with me, but something is wrong with their thinking; their mindset.
In spite that, I do get quite a few compliments not only from people of other races that thinks it’s cute or just looks great, but by many of our own who are still relaxed. I especially enjoy encouraging the sistahs who are still working up the  courage to let go of the creamy crack. Then there are those who just won’t but appreciate the look anyway.  It’s great when we can embrace each other’s hair choices.  Because even though I no longer perm, I don’t knock those who still do because I know some sistahs who have equally beautiful, healthy-looking (long and short) hair, and that’s their choice.

Speaking of beautiful straight hair:  I was in a Target the other day when I passed by a display of natural hair products.  I took a look at the display and was taken aback, to say the least, at the huge background display picture of a gorgeous sister… wait for it… with shiny bone-straight hair! Yes, the display of natural hair products from various vendors had this huge picture you could see from a distance of a sister with bone-straight hair–not a curl in her head. The picture was beautiful, but it was the wrong picture! I couldn’t believe it. What I also couldn’t believe was the number of employees who were in there with natural hair themselves.  I’m wondering whether or not any of them said anything or whether they even paid attention to notice this mistake?  Well, I asked for the manager or signage person on duty, and of course a Caucasion lady with the straightest hair came to assist me. I politely showed her the sign and pointed out the mistake. She was polite, but didn’t really seem to understand initially. I pointed out to her who those products targeted, showing her my hair to give her an idea. She acknowledge the mistake and said that she would get the sign changed.  I’m going back there to see because that is a Target that I shop, and it’s only fair.

Well, people are coming around; we’re all coming around. The way we’ve dealt with our natural hair took years to formulate, and it will take time to re-formulate.  We’ll get there.


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