Tips for a rainy day

Black Woman with a Hat with Rasta Colors

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt your napps and rock your fro. There are days however, that it may be better to hide them. For instance when there is rain in the forecast. Our coils are naturally happy, spiraling up to the heavens. Not even a few drops will get them out of their element.

Black Woman with a Hat with Rasta ColorsHowever, for us blessed with napps, it is no fun walking around while water is running from your fro forest constantly so it’s better to be prepared when you expect cats and dogs coming down.

The simplest trick is to cover your hair with a conditioning cap. It doesn’t matter if your hair is in braids, twists or even out. The conditioning cap will not only protect your hair from the rain, it will use your body heat to condition your hair if you are using the right products.

Some of you may feel a bit uneasy with just a conditioning cap under a hat. First of all you don’t really want it showing and second it can be noisy. The conditioning cap makes a bit of a crunchy noise every time it’s touched. Since it’s right above your ears you have the first and loudest sound but people also may be wondering what is going on because they will be able to hear it as well.

So, just cover the cap with a scarf. If you can find a scarf that matches your outfit, you can even let a little bit of a border show.

Once everything is in place, rock your hat and you’re good to go. Your hair is doubly protected this way so if if you get soaked your kinks will be dry. One less thing to worry about when you return h

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