what is the easiest way to go natural without chopping it all off

I’m still in the debating process about whether I should go natural not and was wondering what is the easiest way to go natural without  chopping it all off? Also, do you have to cut all your hair to get coils or can they be done with processed hair also?


Hello Rena,

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To be honest, there is no easy way to go natural. It’s a process. You’ll need to get used to your own hair texture, one that has been denigrated and stigmatized. Needless to say there will be some hick ups to get used to your new look. On top of that most of us have been alienated from our natural texture and are used to managing straight hair which is totally different from managing kinky hair.

Having said that I think the reward is always priceless. Yes you will have your own coils only when you cut off all the relaxed part of your hair. However in the process of going natural you can create coils too by twisting or braiding. I recommend you buy the book Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair (click on the link). This nr. 1 book on amazon.com is a great guide that can support you on a natural journey.

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