The wonders of Black Seed oil for hair growth and general health

Black Seed oit to grow your hair

Black Seed oil for hair : It was my namesake friend who told me years ago that Black Seed oil had grown her hair. She was a newly natural and couldn’t stop raving about this miracle oil that was moisturizing and growing her hair.

While I had heard about Black seed for health purposes and even used the seasoning in my food, I had never really explored it. So when she told me about it, I researched it and was so blown away by what I read and saw on youtuble that bought a few bottles just to try it out and see.

Black Seed oil for hair
Mireille Liong Braidlocs

I started taking a teaspoon in the morning and used it on my scalp every now and then. Not really intentionally and not consistently though. Eventually I stopped until another stranger in a store started to rave about what Black Seed oil did for him and that he wouldn’t want to live without it.

So, I started again. Intentionally this time and wow did I notice a difference this time. Not only does my hair grow thicker now. My bowel movements are super smooth and my joints, my JOINTS feel as supple as ever. I am sold and I am taking this for live!

I believe I have the best brand this time. Black Seed Oil, cold pressed of the highest quality is thick, dark with a strong spicy smell. I am quite sure you won’t appreciate when trying it for the first time. I can’t say I love Black Seed oil so much that I would drink a bottle but I have used a few bottles already. The results are so amazing that I will keep using it.

Here is how I use Black Seed Oil:

Internally: I take a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach and a teaspoon at night before going to bed.


On my scalp: I massage a few drops with my finger tips on my scalp and concentrate on problem areas.
On my face: I massage about half a teaspoon on my face and neck then use a hot washcloth to make sure it penetrates while removing the excess oil.

I truly wholeheartedly hope you give it a try. It’s on special now on A little goes a long way. So click to get the trial size Black Seed Oil.

Black Seed oit to grow your hair
The best Black Seed oit to grow your hair

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