Using Going Natural No More Knots Detangling Spray and Silky Shea Hair Butter For A Twist Out

Talya Twist Out2

If you have never tried Going Natural No More Knots Detangling Spray or Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter for your natural hair, you need to! Here is why.

How to use

The wonderful thing about No More Knots Detangling Spray is it can be used on damp or dry hair. Also, it has a pleasant light smell and a little goes a long way. Just spray starting on your ends and work your way up and massage it through your hair and then gently comb through with a wide tooth comb. My 15-year-old daughter used Going Natural No More Knots Detangling Spray on her clean, dry hair and decided to do a twist out. For a little extra curl definition, she also used Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter. This hair butter not only smells wonderful, but it’s light and does not have a greasy feel at all. After applying, she twisted her hair in medium sized twists and kept the twists in until the next day.

The Results

When she took down her hair the next day, she was very pleased with her results! Her hair had shine and body, and the curl definition was amazing. One important thing that I noticed right away was there was no flaky residue left in her hair. We’ve tried many curl puddings and curling cremes that left a flaky residue as soon as you took down your twists. You will not have that experience with Going Natural products.

Natural Ingredients Only

Going Natural only use all natural and organic ingredients for their products. No harsh chemicals will ever touch your hair when using their products. This is very important to me as a natural haired woman raising a household of natural haired young ladies and young men. The market is flooded with products claiming to use all natural ingredients only to find that is not true. All you have to do is read the ingredients, and if there is an ingredient you’re not familiar with, Google it. Many in the natural hair community have been duped over the years because of false product claims. If you’re like me and care about the products you and your family are using on your hair, you will not be disappointed with Going Natural products.

Your Support Is Needed and Appreciated

By purchasing Going Natural hair products you will be supporting a black-owned business. Going Natural is a strong advocate of supporting small minority-owned businesses and paying it forward. Be sure to check out the website for other great products!




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