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What is a good shampoo and con for my hair?

What is a good shampoo and con for my hair?Thanks,


Natural Hair careHello Kim,

Thank you for your visit and your question. I wish you had described your hair in a bit more detail but here we go.

In general a good shampoo is one that cleanses your hair and scalp without stripping them from their natural oils. A bad shampoo that does strip your hair will leave your strands feeling like straw, matting together and hard to untangle. That is why you should always look for natural based shampoos without sls and other harsh chemicals that will dry out your hair. Shampoos should be mild but cleansing.

Here are a few recommendations from our NappShop. See which one is a better fit for you.
Black Olive Soap: Black Olive Soap – 100% natural and excellent to deep cleanse hair without stripping strands of its natural moisture.
Herbal shampoo : Gently cleanses without stripping coils. Great for regular maintenance on a weekly or biweekly basis.

A good conditioner is one that feeds your strands, inside and out. If you need one for after washing I would recommend the Hair Masque

If you need a deeper treatment I would recommend either the Detox Conditioner or the Rhassoul Mineral Clay. For a complete deep treatment, you can buy the clay and shampoo together Hair and Scalp Detox Treatment.


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