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Name: Uthman Claiborne.

Occupation:  Personal Trainer.

Who is your Favorite model?
i Dont have one.


What is your favorite book?
Happy Pocket Full of Money. This is a book written to teach an indivisual on how to think and feel wealth. It also has a pratical element to it that teaches you basics on buidling wealth.

  What is your favorite movie?
Gladiator. It has a strong plot and I can appreciate the great battles.

Why did you become a model and what is your goal as a model?
I became a model because I wanted to capture parts of my life through still images. I feel that life is art in motion and began capturing myself doing typical everyday things with my camera. I was intrigued by the many energies being expressed through the lens. I was able to translate and remember acutely the emotion, tone, and thought behind the image. It became another outlet of self expression which is healing to my soul. My goal as a model is to promote my personal ideas related to self love, self work, and self embelishment.

How important is your hair as a model? Why do you choose to wear your hair this way?What does your hair mean to you? Is it just an accessory that compliments your personality and style or is it deeper than that?
My hair is very important to me. It exudes strength, confidence, eccentricity, and a connection to my ancestry. During the growth process, it’s become long, strong, enticing, fresh, and contributed greatly to my identity. It’s certainly become a source of power to some extent –sort of an extension of my internal power expressed outward. 

How important is a woman’s hair to you? Does a weave, relaxed hair or a natural head bother you or do you have a preference for either of these styles?
A women’s hair is very important to me. It comes into play when I make a decision on whether she is physically appealing or not. A weave bothers me because the minute I don’t like it, I know that what I liked was temporary. Relaxed or natural hair doesn’t bother me so much.


Our readers asked me to include this specific question so here I go: Is the texture of a woman’s hair important to you? And length?
I love smooth hair, but I realize that’s relative and is defined individually. I love long hair on women. I love it! Not every woman can pull off a short cut but if she does and carries it well, it’s also great.

Do you think black hair is an issue? Why or why not?
I do not think black hair is an issue. The world will only respect our hair only if we respect it. The more we continue to love and appreciate ourselves and our hair the more the world will. Me personally i do not see it being an issue at all..

Last word?
I want to thank Going Natural for allowing me this opportunity to share my opinion –one of my most favorite hobbies and for giving their readers something beautiful to behold

Homepage/blog:  www.modelmayhem.com/uthmanc


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