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Kendra’s Question

I am taking the first step in going natural..but I’m not exactly sure what that first step should be? I haven’t gotten a perm in roughly a month and have been getting by with blowout…now I want to get away from Perms…but I don’t want to chop off all my hair at once…What type of transition 

hairstyles would you recommend?(BTW I’m not really a Weave Person, I would do braids but I prefer to avoid getting say a full head of Remy)

Hello Kendra,

Congratulations on going natural and thank you for your question.

To be honest blow outs are not the best way to go, so I am happy you asked the question. I don’t know how long you have permed your hair but after a long period of using chemicals, it’s best to give your natural coils the time to recover. Using heat is not the best option because heat can also permanently damage your strands. So I’d suggest you stop using heat to give your new growth the change to optimally bloom. There are plenty of alternatives and you don’t have to weave or use extensions if you don’t want to. Here are a few options.

Cornrows and flat twists are excellent styles to transition. Not only are the styling options unlimited, you can avoid untangling for as long as you have them in. Since strands in transition tangle even more cornrows and flat twists are a beautiful way to postpone untangling. If you like to wear your hair out, I’d suggest coils. This style allows your new growth to blend in with the straight texture without a problem. Your natural texture will give body to the coils. Click here for the instructions on how to do them.


Flat Twists vs. Cornrows

i got the big cut today and am just wondering how to take care of it every day .. how many times should i was shampoo? condition my hair a week? or is it everyday? what is your weekly routine?

My hair has been completely natural for about 8 months now. I’m still trying to do different things with it, but I mostly have it in rope twists. I’ve heard it said that you don’t HAVE to clip the ends of your natural hair because they will fall off themselves, but I rather not do it that way. So is there a method to clipping the ends of natural hair? Or is it more a touch and go, up to the wielder of the scissors?

when do you take micro-braids out?

hi i am transitioning from a short relaxed style. I would like to know how i can keep my hair moisturized through the trasition and what are the best products to keep my hair moisturized. Thanks in advance.

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