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People have a way of showing us his/her true colors. They sometimes appear as sweet and kind until you get to know them, then they become monsters that we wish we never met. People have taught me a very valuable lesson. They have taught me that everyone cannot be trusted. I have spent my time trusting people, being kind to people, and helping people without a single complaint. Every time I trust a person, they always turn around and disappoint me, and they turn around and stab me in the back. It’s okay to trust someone, but don’t be quick to think that you have alot of good friends! You can really only trust God and yourself. But if there comes a time in your life that you are blessed with a good friend in your life, be grateful that you were able to find that one good person that you could actually trust. If a person talks about behind your back, ignore them because they were not bold enough to tell you in your face. Don’t worry what people call you, and don’t worry what people say you cannot do. It’s not what people call you, but it’s what you answer to. It’s not about what people say you cannot do, it’s about what you know you can do. Keep your good friends close to you and love them, but pray for your enemies because they are not worth your time and effort fighting with. God will always give you victory over your enemies, and you don’t have to worry about them messing up your day/ life. Be strong and always remember: trust is earned when the person can be fully trusted. When a person talks about you behind your back, keep walking and let him/her eat your dust. What ever dosen’t kill you, will surely make you stronger and wiser.

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