Patrick Marcelino: Dreadlocked Tarzan to Your Jane

Model Patrick Marcelino with Dreadlocks

For my documentary Black follicles Matters, I interview (Black) men and women about their hair experience. This week: Dreadlocked Model/Actor Patrick Marcelino aka Ras Camarao.

Dreadlocks style of Patrick MarcelinoDreadlocks style of Patrick MarcelinoDreadlocks style of Patrick Marcelino
Patrick Marceline’s photo shoot in Jamaica. Watch the video below – Dreadlock styles from Patrick Marcelino from casual to hot

The Natural Hair movement has taken the internet by storm. On social media you cannot take a casual stroll down your timeline without seeing a meme about a natural woman bemoaning the horrors of detangling or praising the natural hair gods for coconut oil. Pause…hold up, as we only see women we forget that men are part of the natural hair movement too. Well I am gonna change that, hold tight to your satin bonnet as I introduce to you one of our natural hair brothers. Meet 27 year old model, actor, clothing line owner, Patrick Marcelino.

Patrick Marcelino was born to a white mother and a Brazilian father and raised in the Netherlands. From a very young age Marcelino embraced his natural hair and could be often found running around with a head full of nappy curls. He persued his dream of becoming a model despite being told repeatedly that black men with locs were not accepted in the modelling industry. Yes sistahs, like us he faced discrimination in the workplace because of his lush locs but he persisted. In five years he sees himself traveling over the world doing dope shoots, acting and launching his clothing line with his own models. (Ambition in a man…where do I sign up? Lol)

He sees his locs as a part of him. During his interview he poised a very thought provoking question, “Why should I cut my hair? Do other animals cut their hair?”He loves his hair and would never wish to cut it. He has never been ashamed of his hair and he wishes for other black people to love what is naturally apart of them.

Still holding on to your satin bonnet sistah? Marcelino is turned off by women who live in weaves. His heart speeds up and he gets a little hot around the collar when he sees women wearing their natural hair. I don’t know about you but I feel like my hair could do with some more detangling. To him men who do not love natural hair love neither their mothers nor their sisters. He wants all black women to know that they are beautiful with their natural hair and should love it and love themselves.

Beautiful, strong, natural are the words Marcelino uses to describe black women and their hair. The Natural Hair Movement to him is a wonderful thing as women are now learning to appreciate their hair, themselves and are becoming more conscious about the culture of our people.

“The person who has an issue with black hair has an issue with himself.”
-Patrick Marcelino

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Dreadlock styles from Patrick Marcelino from casual to hot

Jamaican shoot by Lexonart Photography

Brooklyn shoot by BLackFollicles

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For my documentary Black Follicles Matter, a documentary that pictures the Natural Hair Movement in motion, I interview (Black) men about their hair experience. What are their issues, are they the same as Black women’s, how do they differ, what is our shared experience, can we as women relate but most of all; can we (re)connect?

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