Going Natural Video Diary of Chellz Naturally Me

Chellz Naturally Me Going Natural Video Diary

Chellz Naturally Me shares her thoughts on all things natural hair and what she loves most about being natural in our Going Natural Video Diary series.

Chellz got her first perm at the age of five and while she doesn’t remember the experience itself she clearly recalls never liking them or the requirement of having to get them re-done every few weeks. She returned to natural in 2011 after her hair started falling out due to the combined effects of perming and dying her hair too soon together. She had tried to go natural before in 2008 but it didn’t stick. Second time was the charm though as with the help and support of her two aunts who had gone natural before her she was inspired to stick it out.

Though it took her time to adjust to the difference in maintenance between her natural and relaxed hair, Chellz eventually found her groove and is pleased by the number of women embracing there natural roots as well. Chellz is proud to be natural and loves her hair because it represents her heritage, family history and culture. Take a look.


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