Black Follicles Matter

The Going Natural Video Diaries is renamed: Black Follicles Matter.

Black Follicles Matter is a series that follows the Natural Hair movement as it unfolds. With so many Youtube channels, blogs and other hair care busineses on the rise, the renaissance of natural hair is undeniable. However, for most women in the Diaspora going natural is still quite a challenge. The reality is that most of us are still straightening our hair and prefer weaves.

So what is really interesting is  to find out what is behind this natural hair movement. Why do so many women seem to go natural all of a sudden? What is their motivation, how do they do it and how do/did they cope with the issues of going natural? What ARE the issues. Do we all have the same issues?

What better way to find out then to let women speak for themselves and see how we relate. Let’s find or see if there is a connection.

So I hereby invite you to send us a clip with your Hair Video Diary. To participate please send us a photo and your video where you answer the following questions. Video diaries – Patrick Marcelino

For my documentary the Going Natural Video Diaries, a documentary that pictures the Natural Hair Movement in motion, I interview (Black) men about their hair experience. What are their issues, are they the same as Black women’s, how do they differ, what is our shared experience, can we as women relate but most of all; … Video diaries – Patrick Marcelino Read More »

Devin Hentz

Model and student Philosophy Art Devin Hentz takes Black hair microscopically under the loupe by sharing her experience. From a child who was being teased with dreadlocks to a model in search of the perfect weave. This video is part of the Going Natural Video Diaries,, an ongoing youtube documentary series that pictures the …

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