Kcurly on Week 5


First I want to say that I loved everyone’s twistout results. Twists and twistouts are my favorite styles so I got a real kick out of this challenge!

Nina- You were my favorite pick overall.

I liked how you displayed all of the products that you would be using at the beginning of your instructions. Your tutorial was wonderful. Your final pictures were probably my favorite because they showed such a wide range of romantic poses. The outfits, the accessories, the twistout…all perfect!


Great instructions on the twistout. I enjoyed your end result photos, they had a very romantic, wistful quality to them.


Beautiful tutorial and the result was gorgeous, especially the updo. I do think you could’ve jazzed things up a bit with the “after” photos.

Laura C.

There is that beautiful smile once again and also beautiful faith and spirituality. However, where’s the hair? I see bits and pieces of hair, but not the whole head. It just looks like you have such a luscious head of hair but you’re hiding it. I also couldn’t tell if you just twisted a section of it or all of it. You did have nice product placement though.


You had a very detailed, easy to follow description of how you went about creating your twist out with the products provided. I loved how you showed off the results in the unique and bold fashion that I’ve come to like about you! The twistout was gorgeous especially paired with the Valentine’s Day theme.


Good job on the instructions. The “after” shots were striking, from the hair to the makeup to the poses. Well done!


I like that you didn’t just do a traditional twistout and instead did a half-updo. I also liked that you focused on the natural ingredients, as that’s what a lot of natural ladies (and people in general) are looking for. Very pretty “after” shots and I love the flower accessory.


Beautiful variation on the twistout! I also like your idea of posing with the different hearts, though it would’ve been nice to have seen more of each heart.



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