3-4 inches of new growth hair for the big chop?

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From: katrina

I want to know is it best to just do a big chop when there is 3-4 inches of new growth hair on your head or to chop as you go? For me my hair is shoulder length and I think for me doing the big chop a few months from now will probably cause me to have a meltdown. I think chopping it off slowly would work best for me. What do you think? At this point I do not want braids, weaves, or wigs. I just want to nurture my hair. Thanks for your opinion.


Hello Katrina,

Thank you for your question.

Cutting your hair short is not the only way to begin your natural journey. In fact, there is no single best way to do this. Every journey is a personal one and you are the best judge to decide on which option will suit you most favorably.

If you feel better gradually cutting your hair, please do so but I would advice you avoid the meltdown and choose this option.
I’d like to recommend the book Going Natural, how to fall in Love with Nappy hair. There is an extensive chapter in about the big chop and what to expect in the different stages of going natural.
You can also read an article on the website: Click here

Besides, further usefull information as  per your case is found in: 10 Natural Hair Lessons
Good luck and please keep us posted. Feel free to keep a blog.
Kind regards,
Napp Master.

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