How to make your curls pop with the Going Natural Products

Ebony Clark - Curl Definition! Doodles Teri LaFlesh style with Going Natural Hair Products
A video showing a stylist beautifully popping the curls of a client reminded me of the Doodles challenge of America’s Next Natural Model season 3 where all models used the Going Natural products to make their coils pop. As each model, all with different textures, show us you can do this at home. 

For this method you dont’ even need a comb. As the comments in the video say, if you are not an experienced stylist, a fine tooth comb will rip out your hair. Believe me, I’ve tried it but of course you don’t have to take my word for it. If you do try it please report back to us. 

The method that the models from America’s Next Natural Model demonstrate is one from author Teri LaFlesh of In her book she describes she named them Doodles—a term she got from her mother. “Doodling” helps separate and define natural curl and coils. And the models from the online pageant happily demonstrated how to do it. Scroll down for the video. 

Here is Ebony demonstrating and explaining it but you can see the complete challenge of all the models at Popping curls with Going Natural Hair Care products

If you are an aspriing model or know one, join America’s Next Natural Model or spread the word. 

Curl Definition for  America's Next Natural Model
As with any hairstyle, you must start with clean hair. I section my hair in 6 chubby twists to prepare for shampooing, conditioning, and detangling. (When I don’t want a definite part in my hair, I add a chubby twist at the top.) Twisting hair before cleansing will help minimize tangles, matting, and knots. One of my favorite low sulfate shampoos is’s Herbal Shampoo Almond.
Products/tools that will be used: Going-Natural’s Herbal Shampoo Almond, No More Knots Detangler, Silky Shea Hair Butter and Butterfly Clips, Spray bottle filled with water, Tangle Teezer (detangling tool), and fingers!!!!
After cleansing, separate twists into two or three sections and add a Half dollar size of Silky Shea Hair Butter to wet hair. Smooth hair between your hands in a downward motion gently. Doing so will lay down your cuticles to ensure a smooth finish. Keep a spray bottle filled with water close by in case your hair starts to get dry. Everyone’s hair is different, and some may like more control than others. If you want more control, use more gel than butter. If you prefer your hair to be softer with less control, use more Silky Shea.
Curl Definition for  America's Next Natural Model
Detangle hair with your tangle teezer starting from the bottom. This wonderful new tool will reduce frizz, tangles, snarls, and knots without pulling out your hair. Best of all it will evenly distribute the products throughout your strands.
Curl Definition for  America's Next Natural Model
Your curls/coils should already be separated with the use of the products and the tangle teezer together. Take each curl and twirl it around your finger. My hair curls in several directions, so I can’t twirl them all in the same direction. For best results, twirl curls/coil in the direction in which they grow.
Curl Definition for  America's Next Natural Model
Depending on the length, curl pattern, and weight of your hair some doodles may settle at the bottom. If your hair has more wave than curl, the doodle may not be as obvious. Your hair will still be gorgeous! Upon completion, check to see if there are any sections that have less product than others. Spray with water, add more product and re-twirl. Now it’s drying time. You may air dry, sit underneath a dryer, or use a diffuser on the lowest setting (air drying is best)…
To ensure neat and frizz-free results, make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before handling.
Curl Definition for  America's Next Natural Model
VOILA!!!!! My hair is neat, frizz-free and well defined. The silky shea hair butter gives it moisture and shine while the herbal gel helps with definition and hold.
Curl Definition for  America's Next Natural Model
My hair is so soft that I can barely keep my hands out of it!
Curl Definition for  America's Next Natural Model
Curl Definition for  America's Next Natural Model
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