How to Grow Your Afro in 10 Simple steps

How to grow an Afro

 How to grow your Afro :A bad hair day isn’t hard to find when you’re natural. Keeping those naturally beautiful coils confined is hard to do when you have coils of different shapes and sizes that like to flow freely in the directions they want to go. This can bring big challenges to natural girls and if not managed carefully cause us to lack hair growth. So, here are a few tips on how to grow your fro.

Keep your Hair and Scalp Clean

When natural girls are in the process of trying to grow our hair, we tend to layer product after product on our hair. This causes build-up and residue which blocks your pores and can stunt the growth of your hair. Using the Going Natural Detox Conditioner will help nourish your hair back to a healthy place by removing buildup from the surface then deeply penetrate your strands to replenish them. Your hair will feel clean and soft.

Detangle Your Hair

With natural coils, it’s important to keep your hair detangled. This will prevent split-ends and breakage. Always use a detangler like the No More Knots to keep your strands flexible while you untangle.

Don’t Get Consumed by the Comb

It’s so easy to get frustrated with your natural coils and get consumed in combing your hair all the time. Worry not! Sometimes you have to let your hair relax and regain its strength. Over working your hair and scalp can damage them and cause a lot of breakage.

Remove The Braids

Leaving braids in too long can cause excessive damage to the scalp when not treated properly. Research the appropriate time length for your specific style and stick with it. Leaving the braids in too long can cause your hair to become brittle. Use Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter to keep your hair moisturized when you have the braids in for more protection from hair damage. Also read How to remove extensions properly

Choose Healthy Hair Products (Become a Label Reader)

Be careful of the types of products that you put in your hair. Don’t be afraid to read to labels of your bottles to find out if the product has the nutrients to grow your hair and keep it healthy.

Keep your Hair Moisturized

Use Going Natural Scalp Conditioning spray or Going Natural Silky Hair Butter to retain moisture. Keeping your hair moisturized will decrease your chances of having brittle hair.

Trim your Ends

Split ends stunt the growth of your hair and increases your chances of breakage. Prune your hair of those bad ends to keep your coils strong and long. Also read Curly Fro How To & Hair Trim

Condition Your Hair and Scalp

Pamper your hair and give it a hair treatment. Condition it to grow in a healthy manner. Throw in some of Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth spray to condition your hair for further growth if you wear styles that expose your scalp

Die hair with Caution!

It’s sooo much fun to die hair, but if not done right; dying your hair can cause major breakage. Some dyes can weaken the hair because of the chemicals. So, dye responsibly!

Use Protective styles

It can get hard trying to comb natural coils daily. With that being said, sometimes its alright to wear styles such as box braids,  cornrows, or twist, to allow your hair to grow in peace without us tampering with it daily. Trust me, it will help you to worry less in the process.

Stop the heat!

Heat will damage your strands. There is no protector that can garentee that your coils won’t suffer from heat damage. Once your strands are damaged you can start all over again. If you want to make a stretched fro, read and watch How to make a stretched Afro.


How to grow an Afro

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