Going Natural Preciously

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I have decided to start this new season of my life off with going natural. I have made this decision because it is the perfect start to an amazing change in my life. I have been growing my perm out since August and I think I am ready. I still have stringy permed ends that are damaged but I am afraid to cut them off. I believe it symbols something inside of me that  I need to let go of so I can be free of it. Those stingy ends will have to go. I don’t know I have been working with it twisting and pinned it up so it doesn’t show as much. I have also been a wig addict for the past year. Growing my naps underneath the fake hair. i am finally going to break this habit for once and for all. I never knew how addictive wearing wigs were. It is bad when you look in my closet and there are more wigs hanging than cloths. Here goes my journal of going natural. I will take some pictures as soon as I’m satisfied with my new look for 2012.

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