From Frizz to (KUMBA)ya in 30 Minutes Flat

From Frizz to (KUMBA)ya
From Frizz to (KUMBA)ya
From Frizz to (KUMBA)ya

As much as I like to look my best, I’m also a very low-maintenance girl. So when I was introduced to the Kumba Out style in this week’s challenge, I was excited to learn a style quick and easy enough for me to jazz things up on a regular basis.  I started out with freshly washed, dry, and typically frizzy hair. I then divided my locks into medium-sized sections and braided them to keep them separate. Following Mireille’s advice, I spread the Going Natural Curl Keeper throughout each section before tightly twirling my strands and tucking the ends into the base. The Curl Keeper made it easy to comb and smooth out each section.


While waiting for my twists to dry, I made a coffee run as a thank you treat for my photographer. I was happy to find that the twists were easy to transform into a street-worthy style by pinning the loose knobs closer to my head and adding a floral accessory. I even got a complimented on my “fabulous look” by a few strangers! Once the sections had dried, it was a breeze to loosen the coils and finger comb them into a defined but va-va-voluminous hairdo. I especially liked that my hair was soft and natural to the touch, not crunchy like some styling products can leave your coif.

This week’s challenge was my favorite by far. As a natural model it’s always great to have new products and styles to add to your beauty arsenal. I have this competition to thank for that!



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