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Kumba Out Natural Hairstyle by Farah
Kumba Out Natural Hairstyle by Farah
Kumba Out Natural Hairstyle by Farah

Farah, contestant of America’s Next Natural Model Season 5 had never heard of the Kumba knot before but with a great amount of practice, she was able to perfect the natural hairstyle. She began to realize that the Kumba knot out really defines the curl pattern and minimizes frizz that she normally has with a twist out or a braid out.


The products I used for all the styles were the “Curly Twist out Hair Milk”, Silky Shea Butter Hair Butter and the “Curl Keeper Herbal Styling Gel”. Instead of washing my hair, I sprayed my hair with a mixture of oil and water, and then detangled with the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk.

One thing I loved about the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk was that it smoothly went through my hair and detangled it easily without much need of my tangle teezer.

Finally I sealed with the Silky Shea Hair Butter and began putting my hair in the Kumba Knots. When undoing the Kumba Knots I decided to coat my fingers with the Curl Keeper Herbal styling gel to help unwind the knots to prevent frizz and tangles.

The definition I get from the natural hair products and the Kumba out are phenomenal! 

In the end learning the Kumba Knot out is truly a great style and I would use it again for summer to prevent frizz and to preserve my curls for more than one day.


  1. Detangle the hair using the “Curly Twist out Hair Milk” and then seal with the “Silky Shea Butter Hair Butter”.
  2. Next twirl the hair around your fingers and roll backwards
  3. Tuck the roll into itself and you are all done!
  4. Unroll with a little bit of Herbal Styling Gel


You can read the full article here: Farah’s Kumba Out


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