Frohawk alert!

African American woman with natural hairstyle in Fro-hawk
African American woman with natural hairstyle in Fro-hawk
African American woman with natural hairstyle in Fro-hawk

That’s right; if you like to push the boundaries when it comes to personal style, then why not adapt your beautiful natural hair into this Afro centric version of the Mohawk? It’s easy enough to achieve.

As always, it’s best to start with clean, soft hair. Why not treat your hair and scalp to something special and give it a detox with the Hair and Scalp Detox Treatment.

It’s a two step treatment – the first part is a Black Olive soap that you use to wash your hair as usual. The only difference is you let the soap sit on your head for a couple of minutes to draw out impurities before you rinse it out.

The second part is a clay treatment. You mix up some Rhassoul Clay with water to form a paste and then work it through your hair the same way you would with a conditioner. Three minutes on your hair is all it takes for the clay to work its mineral magic then a thorough rinse and you’re good to go.

If you like, use a leave in conditioner to make sure you keep your hair as moisturized as possible and then let it air dry.

Alternatively, try something new and add some Hair Nourishing Cream to your locks.
Divide your hair into three sections along the length of your head with the section in the middle being the bit that will be your “hawk”.
Braid the sides upwards in small cornrows. You can secure the ends with some beads to add some color and funk.

If you’d like your hawk to have a little more texture, then saturate it with Twist Out Hair Milk and either do one big cornrow or several smaller individual plaits or twists depending on how wavy you want it.

Once your hair is dry, undo and you’ll have a lovely wavy Fro-hawk!

African American woman with natural hairstyle in Fro Hawk

You’ve heard of the Mohawk, you might have even heard of the “Faux-hawk”. Now it’s time for you to rock your sexy Fro-hawk!


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