All Coiled up

African American woman with natural hairstyle in coils

African American woman with natural hairstyle in coilsTo get this fabulous style, you’ll need some Curly Twist out Hairmilk. Now this works best when your hair is damp so you probably want to start out by giving it a good wash and conditioning.

 Also, it takes a while for the product to dry so maybe doing this before you go to bed so you can have a fresh new style when you wake up in the morning is a good idea. So, divide your freshly washed, damp hair into about ten sections. This is just so that your hair is easier to work with. The idea is to create a soft flowing style so don’t get too fussy with the partitioning. 

Saturate one section with the Curly Twist out Hairmilk and comb or brush it through. If your hair is prone to tangling, try the Tangle Teezer, it works amazingly well. When your hair is well and truly tangle free, twist the section around your finger. If you want tighter coils, then increase the number of sections. Repeat with each section until your whole head is done. If your hair dries up as you are doing this, just spritz it with a little water to help it along its way. Let your hair dry completely then, using your fingers, gently unravel the sections and you will have beautiful coils!

Use a satin scarf when you are sleeping and your coils will last for a while looking fresh. If you need to maintain them, then just recoil with a tiny bit of water or hairmilk and they should be just fine.

Sometimes you want a variation on your natural hair but you are not quite ready to make the commitment to having locs. Why not try out this lovely style? Think of it as a “trial run” of having locs or simply something different and new!


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