Favorite moments of my trip to Suriname

In the Studio

When you enjoy nearly every second of a trip it is impossible to capture ALL your favorite moments. As far as I am concerned, being in Suriname was just one big happy moment. You got an idea if you’ve seen the photos of the opening of the BAD Hair Uprooted exhibition in Suriname now watch a few more favorite memories captured non professionally on by phone and video. 

How do you not feel blessed when someone like Obed opens your exhibition. A passionate spoken word artist who performs in three languages; Dutch, English and Saramacaans, a Maroon Language.

Food suriname

The food was awesome! I kept it healthy Paleo with lots of green and veggies. One of Suriname’s main dishes: Pom.


visitors bhu

The visitors of course. Too bad I couldn’t picture them all. 


With UMA! Jennifer Baarn and Suzette Dumfries.
Invited to talk about UMA! the conference we organized for Women’s day we had a conversation with TV hosts Steven van Fredrikslust and Robby Doerga whom I happen to know from college. 

camera crew
I was grateful for the press BAD Hair Uprooted got. 


Delano the janitor insisted to take his picture. He braids his hair himself.


More visitors: Jenny and Allan

Conny a facebook connection

mmanaten morning show

Jennifer and I were also invited to talk about the UMA! Conference on the Morning Show

I learned about this new fruit: CHERIMOYA, Just overly delishious.



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