Dorcas Meyers the woman behind the Roc-A-Natural Hair Expo

Dorca Meyers the woman behind the Roc-A-Natural Hair Expo

Natural hair expos are the drivers behind the natural hair movement, connecting businesses, stylists and aficionados. But who are these women, what moves them and how do they do it? In a new series we feature the fabulous women behind the these hair expos. This week: Meet Dorcas Meyers the woman behind the Roc-A-Natural Hair Expo happening this weekend in New York for the 5th consecutive year. 

As a former model who has excelled as a natural hair model for many years and has been featured in Essence Magazine for the late and New York’s legendary Stylist, Derrick Scurry and New York Magazine’s Look Book as well as walked the stage of Bronner Brothers International Hair Show on several occasions as a model, Dorcas wanted to build confidence through the beauty of natural hair and inspire beauty from the inside out.

I believe you can not have beautiful hair and skin without a healthy body, is her motto. She continues, “it is very important to educate our community to feed the body whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, juicing, detoxing and exercise which can decrease the alarming high obesity rate, diabetes and high blood pressure in the community. Simply changing our diets, incorporating exercise and eliminating chemical based products from our daily regimen can improve mental wellness, physical ability and natural beauty from head to toe.” 

The challenges Dorcas has been faced with for the past five years is obtaining partnerships and sponsorships with the same mission to fund the event. Developing a team you can support monetarily for their hard work to ensure a successful event, has been extremely challenging due to lack of funds.

Still, Dorcas’ goal is to continue to educate, inspire and transform lives to a healthy and natural state of mind with the support of the community, businesses, partners and sponsors. She intends to take The Roc-A-Natural Expo on the road and make a difference.

Tthes 5th annual Roc-A-Natural Expo takes place Sunday May 13 at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College in New York.  Roc-A-Natural’s program offers a dynamic program designed to provide individuals of all ages and genders with a vehicle to facilitate their natural journey and to tackle the challenges faced when embracing a natural lifestyle. A unique forum where attendees can network and learn strategies from many of the nation’s leading experts, the gathering is also a fun-filled day where the best products in the natural lifestyle arena can be sampled.

Of course there will also be giveaways. The Vitamin Shoppe will be giving away Discovery Boxes to include everything you need to assist the attendees with their transformation.

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Roc-A-Natural Hair Expo

For more info about the event visit our event page Roc-A-Natural 2018. For more about what she is doing visit Dorcas Meyers and her facebook group


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