Miseducations about Natural Hair


All my life I had to fight creamy crack scabs, flatiron burns, and do the Matrix to avoid rain droplets to achieve and maintain my straightened hair.

miss education of Black Hair
Reshonda, Contestant of America’s Next Natural Model Season 5

It wasn’t until the summer before my junior year of college when I worked with classmates who had natural that I saw differently.

At night I’d watch them two strand twist their hair, and in the morning have full and bouncy curly, kinky, or coily tresses.

In my mind I conjured up the idea that ‘Natural hair must be easier to maintain, especially in this South Carolina heat’. So, without any research, I simply stopped using relaxers and putting heat on my hair and found any random ‘natural product’ to put in my hair.

Three years later, after having to cut my hair more than once for dead ends, dry hair, and damages from pseudo natural products, I finally know how to take care of my hair. It is not easier by far.

For any hair texture, healthy hair takes maintenance, time, and care. The goal shouldn’t be what’s easiest, the goal should be what’s healthiest.

Tell us, what were your miseducations?


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