Wendell Pierce his responds to Kanye West’s insults is Fierce

Actor Wendell Pierce

I personally couldn’t stomach to watch the complete interview of TMZ. Kanye in self absorbance claiming that he did liposuction for us because he didn’t want to be fat so he became addicted to opioids, was just too much for me. 

Playing the victim while he purposely choose to do cosmetic surgery while his mother passed away on the operation table for a cosmetic procedure, is beyond foolish to me. However as is suggested maybe there is a deeper underlying problem there. Maybe the mental health issues are worse than what we can hear and see. 

Were we need to draw the line though is when history is dangerously being distorted. Whether it is from delusion, to seek attention or to up sales. So I am immensely thankful for the fierce Wendell Pierce who had the response ever! This needs to be shared cause it needs to be read by every person on the planet as a lesson and reminder that history should never be distorted for no reason whatsoever.

Wendell Pierce Actor

Not recommended but if you want to see the video, go ahead. Watch at your own risk TMZ interview



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