How to make a Fro

Step 1 in Creating Big Fro
Step 1 in Creating Big Fro
Step 1 in Creating Big Fro
Never thought that I would be the one to tell people how to make a fro, but I was asked this question “How do you do that?” so many times, that I decided to this demonstration. It’s no rocket science, just free your naps and use your hands and fingers to style your fro.  Basically it comes do to letting the naps do what they want to. Enjoying their free spirit proudly and curiously. I don’t use a comb, just my palms and fingers to style. Hopefully the pictures will explain how I do it. Please let me know if it was helpful and if it worked for you. Recommended product: Silky Shea Hair Butter

Step 1 in Creating Big Fro

Step 2 in Creating Big Fro1. Starting point for all my styles; freshly washed, moisturized with Silky Shea Hair Butter and parted.

Sometimes my hair is parted in 6, most of the times it’s 12 though or every number in between.


Step 3 in Creating Big Fro

Step 4 in Creating Big FroHow I make the parts? Just grab a bunch of hair, twirl it and tuck it in.

When it’s fro time I take them out, one by one.

Step 6 in Creating Big FroStep 5 in Creating Big Fro

Since I was wearing a twist-out the day before, the hair is a little curly because I haven’t combed it out.
I only use a comb when I wash.
Step 8 in Creating Big FroStep 7 in Creating Big Fro
When the hair is down, I start picking it with my hands and fingers: hold the hair between your palm
and fingers tips then stretch it out like you would pull a comb though.
Step 10 in Creating Big FroStep 9 in Creating Big Fro
To get a full afro, you need as many individual strands as possible.
So use your fingers to separate the parts that cling together.
Step 12 in Creating Big FroStep 11 in Creating Big Fro
Then bring the hair together like you would if you would make a bun and start “picking” the
ends with your palms and fingers tips like above.
Step 13 in Creating Big Fro
Let go of the bun, let the hair fall in place. Now keep picking and separating
until the fro has the shape you like.
Step 14 in Creating Big FroStep 15 in Creating Big Fro
Tip from neosoul: Use a silk scarf for a perfect finish. Put the scarf over the fro,
leave it for a few seconds and slowly slide it off your head.



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