Can having natural hair hurt a black women’s career?

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My daughter sent me an article today that asked the question: Can having natural hair hurt a black woman’s career? It went on to suggest that for some it can be more difficult to get ahead or be promoted and make good money. It also suggested that it is viewed as unattractive by some employers. I guess I am fortunate because when I made the decision to go natural, I was already established in my career. I remember getting my hair flat-ironed for the first time in 3 years of being natural so I could do a length check. I had no idea how long or short my hair really was because the kinky coils are crazy. They knot up just looking at them. They make my hair look much shorter than anyone would suspect. Okay so that was nice. Length check done. I wore the style for a full week and my co workers and others were oohing and ahhing over pressed hair. One person said you look so different with your hair this way while another said I looked younger. I could remember when I first went natural with the big chop 3 yrs before that someone said I looked younger so that was a big laugh to me. When I returned a week later with curly twists people looked at me like Shessssssss backkkkkkkkkkk! I didn’t find it to be a bad thing at all. I especially loved it when one co worker said to me, “I like you hair because you have so many looks  and it keeps changing.” I never took it the wrong way because I knew how she met it. It was a compliment and one I enjoyed.

I would say to any of us considering the natural hair way to do what you feel concerning your hair because it is

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