Author name: alicia

Longest dreadlocks in the world

The Fabulous Asha Mandella

Asha Mandella is Guinness World Record holder for the longest Natural Dreadlocs. With over 19 feet of locks, Ashas hair alone is a beautiful work of art. In this style, however, her locks are showcased in what resembles a chain lock of Dreadlocks. 

natural hairstyles


  January 2011. I realized relaxers and chemical products damaged my hair hair achieved a certain length then it would brake off. I transitioned my hair. It took 6 months for my relaxed hair to shed away.

natural hairstyle updo

Stylish Braided Updo

With all the twists and turns in this design, you’ll be sure to get lots of attention. This look is created using sharp lines and a repeating criss cross pattern with the rows int he back. On the sides, the model sports corn rows that curve along her heads natural bend, complementing her facial structure.