Rodlyne's Natural hairstyle and story


Rodlyne's Natural hairstyle and story
Rodlyne's Natural hairstyle and story
I went Natural 06/04/2009 on my Birthday. I basically stopped putting relaxers in my hair and let my hair grow out for about 4 mouths before I did the Big Chop..


Pawtucket, RI

Cosmetology Student


What was the worst part of your journey? And the best part? The hardest part of my journey was finding products and hairstyles that I liked but I managed. The best part was I wasn’t alone in my journey I had so much support so the transition was much easier for me.

What did your hair journey teach you? 

Where can I begin; on my hair journey I learned so much, but the most important thing is that I learned to recognize beauty in its truest form, instead of what society shows as beauty..

Describe your worst hairdo and your best hairdo.
I have yet to find the best hair do still working on that, but my worse hair do was when I went on my honeymoon to the Dominican Republic and forgot all my products my hair was so dry and looked and felt like a Brillo pad…

Looking Back, has your perception of your hair or black hair in general changed? Please elaborate.
Looking back my perception of black has really changed. Growing up I thought black hair was “bad hair” and relaxers was a medicine to treat the “bad hair”. It wasn’t until I started seeing people like Lauren Hill, Jill Scott, and Erika Badu rocking their natural hair proud and looking so beautiful with it, that I started to see the beauty of black hair. I wanted to go natural for a long time before I actually did it, but I was in high school and I still cared about what people would wasn’t until I was 22 that I said enough is enough. I had more Haters than supporters but I didn’t care because being Natural to me is being free…

What is your favorite hairstyle?
I love two strand twist

How long have you been a member and how did you find
I found when I was doing a general search looking for hairstyles and love this the website.

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