America’s Next Natural Model Ebony

natural hair curls of America's next Natural Model Ebony
natural hair curls of America's next Natural Model Ebony
natural hair curls of America's next Natural Model Ebony

Congratulations! How does it feel to be Miss Nappturality?
It feels great! It’s truly an honor…especially having put forth so much effort. To see it pay off is priceless!!!

How did you hear about the pageant?
A friend of mine mentioned it to me, then I went to the site to gather more details.

Why did you decide to participate?
Another good friend of mine gave me a firm, but friendly nudge. I was a little reluctant at first, I was quickly reminded of the promise I made to myself to challenge myself more and do more for ME! LOL! It became clear that I should indeed be a part of something so meaningful.

What was the most difficult challenge? And the most fun?
The most difficult challenges were challenges 4 (the makeup and jewelry) and 5 (Valentine’s Day). Simply because my grandmother had just died. I felt a little overwhelmed by everything–work, trying to make travel arrangements, the competition, trying to figure out who was going to take my pictures at the last minute before my flight, trying to upload pics while in California while meeting the demands of my family, coming back, trying to get re-adjusted to my own life and being back in my own time zone and grieving at the same time. The most fun for me was Challenge 1 (the introductions). I really enjoyed the first one because the competition was brand new!!!! I also had all the time in the world because at the time, Georgia was shut down for nearly a week due to snow and ice. My sister and I had all day to take as many photos as we wanted. First impressions hold lots of weight and if done right, can really command positive attention.

natural hair Twist Out

I know it was hard for you when your grandmother died. How did you pull through?
I knew I’d made a commitment to the pageant and just because you’re thrown off the course a little doesn’t mean you get to pull over and stop completely. Although it was hard, I had to keep in mind that I’d made a commitment to see the whole thing through, no matter what.

Who was your photographer and your makeup artist and how did you approach the challenges?
My photographers were my sister Tenisha, and my friend, Pegah. I did my own makeup for each challenge. The approach I took for each challenge was: Make sure to understand each challenge to the fullest, if not ask questions—even if it seems redundant and do the very best on my end. To be honest with you, I cared about the judges’ feedback, but it wasn’t a major concern. I realized after watching America’s Next Top Model, American Idol and similar shows, that each judge is an individual. So what one person likes, another may not. My mother told me when I was very young that you cannot please everyone, so I didn’t try. I did what I felt was MY personal best, stayed true to myself, would love if the judges were pleased. If not, that’s Ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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How did you prepare your hair?
I just made sure it was trimmed from the beginning and kept it thoroughly conditioned every week (as usual).

What was your best shoot?
Hands down, Jamaican Mango Lime! I only say it’s the best because I had so much fun and everything seemed to flow smoothly that week. The combination of all the right elements just gave me great energy for the photo session. PLUS my friend and photographer for that particular shoot, Pegah, had me laughing the entire time (I’m silly anyway though)!

What did you learn from the competition?
I’ve learned that you’re never too old to build more layers to attributes you already possess…Even at 30+ years old, I found that I could add more layers of patience to the patience I already have. It felt great to be able to build more levels of endurance as well. Now, more than ever, I see HOW important it is to always be true to yourself.

What products do you really like best and why?
That’s a great question. I used to be a product junkie (like most naturals), but I’ve never been one to be married to one product or regimen. So far I’ve found that I love mostly anything by Giovanni, One ‘N’ Only Argan Oil, Jane Carter Solution products, Cantu Shea Butter, Raw Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, 100% Black Soap (for clarifying only), and now Going Natural Hair Care Products. The most important common thread that these products possess is: My hair loves them. I like anything that has the best ingredients and the most natural, light and pure aromas.

America's next Natural Model Ebony Clark

What do you do in real life and Where do you go from here? I’m a real estate professional by trade, but an artist by nature. I’ve been pursuing my own photography business. I am also a freelance jewelry designer and I used to sell to specialty shops and boutiques. The competition has sparked my interest in doing that again, so I’ve been making preparations for that as well. From here I’ll continue to challenge myself and raise the bar for my personal and professional goals. Hopefully this will lead me to my next best destination…where ever that may be! 🙂

Last word?
I’d love to let the other models know that I enjoyed being apart of this with them. Although I only spoke to a couple of them personally, I felt a connection in some way or another to each one of them. They are truly beautiful and inspiring! Thanks to the judges for the time taken to provide feedback.

Thanks to you Mireille for hosting something so beautiful…I’m very appreciative to everyone who voted and supported me. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. I appreciate ALL the love, wishes, prayers, positivity and support. Thank you!!!! Much love, joy, and peace to you!!

Photo of Miss Nappturality WinnerPhoto of Miss Nappturality WinnerPhoto of Miss Nappturality Winner

Photo of Miss Nappturality WinnerPhoto of Miss Nappturality WinnerPhoto of Miss Nappturality Winner



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