Wake up Call

Big Chop Near Me

Goodevening Everyone,

Today I have come to the conclusion after burrying a close friend of mine whowas killed by her husband lastweek. That life is entirely to short to be weighed down by my bills and my job. It maybe cold out but as long as my heart is beating  and my body is warm, meaning I still have life . So why in the heck im I wasting my time… by going home everyday after work and cooking for one and watching wheel of furtune with a glass or two of moscato then in bed by 8 oclock. Somebody should have slapped me a long time ago with the book of life.,That reads you only have one life and for petes sake im only 26, with no strings beside my dog who is like my child. I should be out dropping it like its hot or something. But thats the average 26 yr old which is not me. I rather grab a book and sit under a tree and read or go to a spoken word artisty and spit some of my poetry even travel the globe if I could. Even though life is very short and sometimes people may draw the short stick I have been blessed to pull the long one everytime. So to start off im going to embrace myself more than I do now and take more time for me. So my motto today for you is “Dont worry Be happy” because taking on the cares of this world can weight you down and crush you, Plus is you pray dont worry and if you worry dont pray, Words from my grandmother. Peace and Blessing ~ BAMAdiva~

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