Three Bridal Styles for Naturals that Scream I DO!

Your natural curl pattern on your wedding day

Getting wrapped into your wedding day hair can be easy. What looks good with the dress? Up? Down? Straight? The questions could be never ending. The moment you look at yourself all made up in the gown of your dreams, decide how you want to feel. Whether you choose elegant, fun, or funky, the way you style your hair can be a big part of your image. If you are fresh out of ideas, and need to find “that spark” here are a few wedding day styles that are sure to get you excited!

Farah's Natural Bridal Style
Romantic Twists
If you are looking for a style that is easy to do without a professional, twists may be perfect since styling only consists of twisting two strands of hair. Installed thick or thin, twists are easy to manage and can easily be styled into an updo. The great thing abuot this style is that it protects. So when you are sweating perfusley while saying your vows, or dancing with your father at the reception, your hair will most likley stay in tact.

Romantic Side Bun with Loose Twisted Bang

The Bun
If you want to show off your facial features and keep the attention on your gown, a bun is a sophistocated way to do so. If you want to elongate your body getting your bun styled high will add a bit of extra height and lengthen your neck. Done high or low, the bun always saves the day. This is also a great alternative style if your initial choice doesn’t hold.

Take me as I am Bridal Hairstyle

Your Natural Curl
Wearing your natural curl pattern is always an option. Accessories such as headbands, stones, even a pop of color can add the uniqueness that will make them stand out. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple, especially since your natural curl pattern will also stick around throughout your successful marriage!
Natural hair is truly versatile. It can be simple to find a style that will work for the wedding, the reception, and the honey moon! Whatever you choose, it is most important to capture your true essence while saying I do!

To perfectly bring out your curls for every occassion no matter your hair type try the Curl Keeper or the Twist Out Hair Milk.  

These bridal styles were submissions from contestants of America’s Next Natural Model. For more info se America’s Next Natural Model’s Section .


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