The Perfect Hairdo for the Natural Bride


Summer is a popular time for weddings. No doubt, at this very moment, there are many natural brides-to-be currently wondering how to style their hair in just the right way for their big day. Unfortunately, not many bridal magazines cater to the natural bride, but that’s where we come in. We have the perfect hair-do for the natural bride right here and if this style isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, hopefully it provides you with some inspiration and leads you that much closer to the one. So in honor of the unofficial wedding season, here’s a gorgeous hairstyle created by Maria Thompson that’s perfect for the natural hair bride.

Bridal Hairstyle for Natural Hair by Maria Thompson

This simple yet pretty and elegant style involves pinning up the hair from the back of the head and sides and securing it loosely to the front in such a way that allows the hair to fall forward on to the face forming a pretty, wispy, curly bang.

This style can be on done on hair that’s in a twist-out, braid-out or even a wash and go, depending on hair texture. You may even be able to achieve this style on curls obtained from a rod or spiral set. The key is to have good definition to your hair. Since you would want the style to last for a few hours, a product that gives a soft and pliable hold is advisable.

Depending on your hair’s length you can simply bring the hair from the back of your head and pin it loosely but securely. Repeat this on the sides by gently taking hair from both sides of your head and pinning it at your crown where it meets with the hair from the back that you already pinned. If your hair is too short to be pinned up in this fashion you could try the roll, tuck and pin technique. Use enough pins to ensure your hair stays firmly in place all day. Add a flower or some other cute accessory and you’re all set.

For best results we recommend starting with hair that has been freshly washed and deep conditioned. You want your hair to be soft, moisturized and shiny for your big day and you won’t want any build up or residue from previously applied products to interfere with your styling.

For shiny, defined, long lasting and soft curls we recommend the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk and Herbal Styling Gel. With this duo, your style is sure to look great and last through all the fun, excitement, laughter and love of your special day.


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