Let’s Start With Forever: Bridal Hairstyles

Goodwin's Bridal Natural Hairstyle
Goodwin's Bridal Natural Hairstyle
Goodwin's Bridal Natural Hairstyle

Everyone knows that the day one gets married is a very special one. Your soul becomes entwined with another once ‘I dos’ are said. Brides exhibit beauty and grace in every photo, no matter what hairstyle they choose to wear. 

 I started out by braiding the front of my hair in a circle around my head to create a braided headband. Then, I two-strand twisted the rest of my hair. Lastly, I applied flexi-rods to my twists to create a curly effect. No heat was used on my hair.

The first three pictures show my hair with the twists taken out. I used the flower pins to create an elegant look while the real flowers added a playful touch. The next two pictures show my hair in a low side bun with the flower pins around the bun. The two pictures that follow show my hair with a high bun surrounded by decorative flower pins. In the next picture my hair is pulled to one side braided and pinned and the flowers pinned in curved line down the side of my hair. The last two pictures show my hair in a half/up- half/down style with the flowers arranged in a bunch on the top of my head. 

All of my makeup and hairstyles were done by me. 



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