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People look at me and ask me, “Why do you always have a smile on your face?” I tell them because I have so much to be thankful for!  I haven’t always had a smile on my face, and alot of things use to bother me. I never really had much to smile about because at one time in my life, I had low self-esteem.  I have  always been a little overweight, and I use to hate going to certain outings. I always had my head down, and I didn’t think there was anything to smile about. One day I was sitting down and having fun with my friends, and I brought up the topic of natural hair. My friend told me I shouldn’t go natural because it really doesn’t go well on overweight women. I was so hurt that I became more depressed than what I was already. I couldn’t stop crying. One day I went to my mom and I told her that I wanted to go natural but it would require me to do a big chop. My mother said, “Go for It!” I said, “But mom, my friend said that I wouldn’t look good with natural hair because I was overweight.” That day my mom told me my friend didn’t create me, so her negative comment was not needed. She also told me that I have to love myself in order be confident enough to wear my natural hair. From that day, I realized that no one can bring me down but myself. I built up self-esteem, and I learned to cherish myself  because I am a beautiful human being no matter what size I am. God created me, so it makes me special. So, I smile because I know that no one can bring me down or make me feel less than what I am. I am a strong, beautiful, and courageous individual who throws negativity out the window 😉   “So always remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent!”

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