Awkward Length

Awkward Length

Hello All,
I am new to blogging and to the site but am glad I found it. Now I don’t feel so alone in my journey to go all natural. Not only am I becoming all natural with my hair, but with the use of all my hygine produts. I believe that it is healthier, and as a new college student I want to do all that I can to stay healthy while at school.
Now when I first decided to beome all natual (August 30, 2011) I did ‘The Big Chop’. I loved it and it was so nice to just moisturize and go. However, as my hair is now growing longer I am stuck at the awkward length, or the TWA (Tinnie Winnie Afro). I struggle with what to do with my hair at its current length. It can be truely frustrating… To the point where I almost cut it back off refusing to let it grow. 

I found help by searching online (mainly youtube) for hairstyles that I could do with my hair at its current length. Here are some of the videos …

I tried the fohawk after banding my hair ( using the twist out. But if your hair is like mine it probably didn’t turn out too well. The twist became too straight when stretching the hair up into a mohawk. However, I tried it again, this time using a bantu knot out and it seemed to work.
Heres how it came out  …
(Ignore the eyebrows in the photo I havent gotten them done yet. Haha.) 

I know how annoyed you can be when your hair is stuck at the awkward length going through this transition. But, dont give up. Search the web, ask other friends who are taking the journey too. I am sure you will be able to find one hairstyle you will like. Keep in mind hair accesories are always a hit during the akward length stage.     
  Embrace your natural beauty 


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