The Funky Waterfall; A colorful Natural Hairstyle that wont leave you Blue

Natural Hairstyle Funky Waterfall

Spunky, funky, and chunky, this creative style will surely capture anyone’s attention with its vibrant color, and free-flowing strands. It’s perfect for dinner dates, a night out with friends, a photoshoot, or if you are in the mood to shock others with your look. No one will forget this easy to do hairstyle.

 The Funky Waterfall; A colorful Natural Hairstyle that wont leave you Blue

Natural Hair and Damage Specialist and stylist, Adeinike from TheWoovenWool.Com, brought to life her vision of giving short natural hair something to be desired with her creation of The Funky Waterfall. A lot of women fear going natural due to having to start all over, or big chop, but styles like this one gives you a lot of freedom to be just as inventive. You don’t have to work around with a TWA, because you are unsure of what to do, try making a statement with this look.

The products used in creating The Funky Waterfall all belong to the brand of natural products called Going-Natural. To create this style, you would first use the Going Natural Herbal shampoo followed by the Detox Conditioner. This will leave the strands soft to touch, and shiny in appearance. After hair is completely clean, and still damn, apply Going-Natural’s No More Knots Detangler, which aids in the process of detangling those stubborn knots in known to occur in natural or transitioning hair. The No More Knots Detangler leaves a smooth and soft feeling after hair is combed through. Lastly, apply Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter through each section before it is braided or twisted to create the illusion of the waterfall.

Leave the hair to dry overnight, or sit under a dryer. Once completely dry, unravel the braids or twists in the opposite direction. Use a wide tooth comb to separate the strands. Do not comb through the hair or it will become bushy. Use bobby-pins to plump the style up to the desired “waterfall” effect. You are now a natural diva with the style you easily created in minutes.

Each of the products listed above use mostly natural ingredients or essential oils like Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and water as the base elements. The products and technique use in creating this low-manipulation hair style results in less breakage and split ends, thus giving you increase growth, a healthy scalp, and beautiful thicker strands.

Stylist Adenike. Phone: 347 251 1212. Check out more of her Natural Hairstyles at The Wooven Wool.

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