The Curl Keeper, my Holy Grail

naturally curly with the Curl KeeperA

If you have tried one hair product after another but still have not found what works, look no further. This Holy Grail is what you have been looking for.

Going Naturals’ Curl Keeper is not hard to love. First, I love the light yet mesmerizing scent.

It’s fresh and smells like cucumber, hmmmm. Then this is the only product from the many that I’ve used that stays true to its promise of long lasting curl definition without leaving residue. I love it!

It makes my twists shiny and keeps the frizz out and then when I do a twist out, my crinkles stay in shape for almost a week. I have never had that with any product. 

naturally curly with the Curl KeeperABest thing for all you 4 hair types out there, you don’t need hair type c to create coils. Like many of you I have different textures on my head and I found it also works on my 4b section as well.

This really makes my natural hair care so much easier. Just follow the instructions to Video of an easy twist out or Happy curls and tell me if you’re not amazed byt the result.

Going Natural Hair Care package












Going Natural Hair Care for Black Women, African American Men and Children


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