How to Use Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray to Grow your Hair

Emotional stress can cause Hair Loss

The Healty Hair Growth Spray named after my sister, Tineke, has truly proven to be a life saver of hair for so many customers. Not only does this organic spray infused with the highest quality essential oils smell wonderful, it truly works wonders. It’s the perfect combination of natural ingredients that bring the follicles to live!

The Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray is easy and simple to use. You don’t have to get your hands greasy by dippin them in some kind of oil or butter, no not at all. It comes in a spray bottle with a user friendly nozzle so all you have to do is spray it. Just follow the next instructions.

Here is how to use the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray:

Tineke’s Healthy Hair Growth Spray should preferably used on a clean scalp. A clean scalp allows the healing herbal essential oils to penetrate the scalp and feed the follicles. So when you start using it, make sure your hair is washed and your scalp is clean. An unclogged scalp free from product residue and and perspiration will get you the best results.

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Before going to bed, spray the THHGS on a clean scalp. This is easy if you wear cornrows but if you wear braids, locs or an afro, part the hair if needed to make sure the spray gets to the scalp. Pay extra attention to the thinning areas or the spots where the hair is breaking. You will Once you are done, massage you scalp. Now wrap your hair with a scarf or wear a bonnet. This is not mandatory but a wrap will help activate the spray even better. The heat that comes through your head pores are like an activating treatment.

In the morning, take down your wrap. The pleasant scent will add to a good start of your day. Repeat spraying the THHGS on your scalp replenishing the essential oils to continue to stimulate your follicles. Then style as usual.

Most users see results after one month or two after spraying the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Spray at least once a day. Click to order the Tineke’s Healthy Hair Spray

Few things feel more satisfying than seeing a product that you’ve developed work for so many people. Every time I get  a great review my heart jumps for joy, especially when photos are included. So please send photos of your results.


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