Sleeping with Satin…

Satin Pillow America's Next Natural Model

Everybody with hair needs a satin pillow case…No more overnight hair drama, No more too tight scarves cutting off your circulation,

When I first saw the satin pillowcase I thought oooh satin, I have always wanted one but never bothered to buy one. I have a satin hair scarf so I thought that was good enough, but on those days when I am lazy or I can not find my scarf ,I sleep on my plain cotton pillowcase with my hair unprotected. The first few days I slept on the satin pillowcase I also had on my satin scarf. I had been wearing my hair in a twist out, and the satin scarf pillowcase combo kept it well. The real test came later on in the week when surprise surprise it was time for bed and I could not find my satin scarf, I searched for it, but it was getting later and later, so I clipped my hair up crossed my fingers and hoped that the satin pillowcase would live up to its hype. I woke up in the morning turned over scratched my head, and my finger tips brushed across tendrils that were still perfectly twisted and unfrizzy. Hurray ! the satin scarf delivered, now I can go to bed with out having to tie my scarf so tight it gives me a headache, and with out having to worry about how my hair will look in the morning after my scarf has fallen off (like it always does).


Now that I had faith in the product it was picture time, and for some reason not one creative thought came into my mind. Then the next day at work I came across some black pipe cleaners, and thought to myself these look kinda like my twists…EUREKA an idea. I could twist pipe cleaners into my hair, spell out the word satin ,and take a picture laying on the pillowcase, easier said then done. After work I was home alone ,so it took forever for me to shape the letters, and once I shaped them I had to lay down on my bed with a mirror and arrange the word satin with my hair, then I had the task of taking a picture of myself in which I could see my face, the pillow, and my hair spelling out the word satin. It was a little frustrating, but I had fun with this challenge ,and finally tried a great product that I had been curious about. I am  definitely going to buy some satin pillowcases, for myself and my friends/family.

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