Twisted Updo

Natural hairstyle - Twisted loced updo

Perfect for long locs, but adaptable for short locs, this jolly jamboree on your head boldly yet elegantly looks appropriate for any holiday occasion. The red on the first few rows of locs complements many a holiday celebration.

Natural hairstyle - Twisted loced updoTo get this look, start with freshly palm-rolled, or twisted, roots since they will be exposed for this lovely loced hair style. Three large twists in the back of the head wrap around and join together to finish with long curls, which can be achieved with rollers or pipe cleaners. Set the locs with water, or to preserve the curls for a longer period of time, use Herbal Styling Gel on wet or damp locs. This gel’s blend of natural plant oils, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients strengthen locs as well as give you hold that will last for several days.

A fourth loose twist at the hairline tops off this style to join with the other gorgeous, rich curls. Emphasize the back’s twists and turns with a little floral accent. In fact, why have just one flower when you can have two? Those large twists and flowing curls are not overdone with two flowers. Choose colors for the flowers that match your outfit, like this model, or shades that will coordinate with your holiday occasion.

And remember, short loced hair can be rolled up, curled and colored with floral accents, just like long loced hair can. You might need a few extra hair pins and smaller sized rollers. But shorts locs too can keep in step with the merriment.

Harmonize your locs with the holiday season by trying out this twisted, curly creation.





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